Who can get a loan?

All persons aged 18 years and over with an officially valid identity document.

What are the monthly percentages?

There is no monthly percentage, the annual fee for each customer will be 2 percent.

How much does the contract fee cost?

There is no contract fee, so we will sign the contract for free.

Are there any other hidden charges?

Yes, there are charges, but they are not hidden at all - you will have to pay € 10 insurance every month for those who receive credit. You also have to shop every month at eumarkt.eu for € 100 (shopping is not a fee because you make a good choice when you shop). For example, if you take out a credit of € 10,000, you buy goods for € 100 each month and pay € 100 insurance.

Why shop at the store?

You need to shop at the store to be our customer because strangers, y. not to our customers, with such low rates we do not borrow. That's fair.

What kind of security do you require?

We do not require any security, we do not require proof of the origin or origin of the income, we are not even interested in whether you are working somewhere at all. A livelihood strategy is your personal business.

How do I get a loan from you?

It's easy: you need to sign up for eumarkt.eu, buy goods for 200 € and you are already in the program. Next, depending on the amount you need, you will need to attract your acquaintances, relatives or others to sign up with you for your number and shop in our store. This is guaranteed to help you get credit. For example, you need € 10,000 multiplied by 2.2 to get € 22,000, which means you need to invite 110 people, each with a purchase of € 200, to get a loan of € 10,000 without any hassle, expense or certification.

How long is a loan for?

The loan is for an indefinite period of time, so you can begin your repayment once you decide that you can begin repaying already. The only thing you will have to do is shop for $ 100 each month and pay insurance. We will also add 2 percent of the loan fee each year.

Why are you doing this?

Once upon a time I was young and I know how difficult it is to cling to a life where no one helps you, when you have the same light and whisper that you want to start a normal life. Another plus is that you become my regular buyer. It is a win-win deal and it is worth respecting common rules.